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120 Women testing a personal care product

Our client was looking to test 3 new products designed for a personal care product category of a sensitive nature to women.

Challenge: Our client was looking to test 3 new products designed for a personal care product category of a sensitive nature to women. All tested product 1 and 50% product 2 and 50% product 3. The products were to be used in the home setting, replacing their current product of choice, as part of the patients’ regular daily routine. All patients needed to be briefed in person and to test both allocated products for 5 days each. A sub-sample were to be selected by the client to attend a qualitative interview after they had completed the user testing. The key challenge here was the number of respondents required, our client required n=100 people to complete the testing of both products with n=20 of these completing the follow up qualitative interview.

Process: This was a complex logistical challenge. To ensure n=100 completes we recruited n=120 patients. Each respondent was required to:

  • Attend a central facility for a briefing and to pick-up the first product.
  • Use product 1 for 5 days
  • Return to the facility a second time after using the first product, complete an interview and pick up the second product to be tested.
  • Use product 2 or 3 for 5 days
  • Return to the facility a third time after using the second product and complete a 20-minute interview
  • N=24 were to be selected to re-attend a viewing studio for a 4th time to undertake a 30-minute qualitative interview with the end client with the target of n=20 completes.

We conducted the research over 2 cities London and Birmingham.

Outcome: We were successful in recruiting all the required. Fieldwork for all 4 phases of the project were completed in just under 4 weeks. Remarkably all 120 of the patients recruited completed phases 1 to 3, a 100% completion rate for a 2-stage product test requiring 3 visits to a central location over 2 weeks, resulting in 120% of the required sample being delivered. Of the n=24 selected for the follow up qualitative interview we again had a 100% show rate. This meant that all 120 respondents fully completed the protocol, an extraordinary outcome given the complexity of the project and numbers of people involved.

Feedback: We received the following feedback from our client. “Medicys was an exceptional partner on this project. They were responsive to our requests and needs throughout the entire endeavour. The fact that every woman recruited for the test followed through the entire testing period – especially given the sensitive nature of the subject matter – is amazing.”

To download the case study please click on the link : Incontinence Product Test