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Pricing and Market Access

At Medicys we specialise in medical fieldwork across Europe and this, of course, requires that we acquire and maintain in-depth knowledge of each market in which we operate. One of the areas which we focus on is Pricing and Market Access (P&MA) and we often have clients asking advice on aspects of the payor landscape in the various EU5 markets.

Conducting research with Payors is extremely difficult and communication between Medicys and its clients is absolutely key, to the extent that the usual screener is typically not used for such projects. Instead, Medicys will liaise with the client to understand the exact objectives, select the right candidate AND submit a bio of the respondent for approval before appointment confirmation.

Identifying and having access to the right respondents is only half the battle; you also need the very best moderators who understand their market, policies and structures. This is why we have created a team of specialist bilingual moderators to focus on Pricing & Market Access.

Essentially the respondents we have access to for payor research include

  • National level Payors - usually members, recent ex-members or advisors to bodies such as HAS/CT CEPS in France, GBA in Germany, AIFA in Italy, DGFPS, CIP, AEMPS in Spain and NICE in the UK.
  • Regional level payors - these vary considerably by market but would include bodies such as SHI KK/KV in Germany and CCGs,and Specialised Commissioning Groups in the UK.
  • Local level payors - again these vary by market and the projects objectives though often include formulary members and clinical heads of department

A high level overview of our services in this area are available for download as a PDF via the following link : Pricing & Market Access