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Microbial Resistance TDIs and On-line Community

On-line communities and Bulletin Boards are becoming increasingly popular methodologies for data collection. For this project our client was concerned we would not be able to recruit and engage the full range of healthcare respondents required, a concern which proved to be groundless.

Challenge : Our client was looking to investigate infection control, antibiotic usage and attitudes to microbial resistance across a range of community and hospital stakeholders.

Process : After a great deal of consultation the methodology put forward was a mixture of telephone depth interviews (TDIs) with a range of the key stakeholders: Consultant Microbiologists, Anti-microbial Pharmacists, Public Health Leads, Clinical Commissioners and Infection Control Nurses. This was followed by a 2 week on-line community with a sub-set of the respondents interviewed in the TDI phase. Our client had a preferred platform for the On-line Community / Bulletin Board which we were happy to accommodate.

Outcome : In total we recruited 38 respondents for the TDIs, an equal mix of each target, with all interviews completed within 20 working days. Twenty six of these respondents then entered and completed the additional 2 week on-line community.

Feedback : Our client was extremely complimentary about the performance of our recruitment and project management team. There was initial concern from the client that it may be difficult to engage these stakeholders in an on-line community, which proved to be groundless. Everything ran smoothly and the quality and volume of data collected surpassed expectations.

To download the case study please click on the link : Telephone and Online Community Study