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Specialists in International Medical Market Research Fieldwork for the Healthcare Industry

We are specialists at delivering international projects for clients in healthcare related industries. Since 2002 we have delivered well over 5000 healthcare projects, for 174 client companies (a number which is increasing monthly).

We refer to ourselves as a “Full Service” fieldwork agency. The services we deliver our clients range from recruitment, moderation, translations, scripting and hosting. What sets us apart from our competitors is the quality of our project management, the respondents we can deliver and the quality of our deliverables, all of which is built upon the flexibility and responsiveness of a truly outstanding and highly experienced team. One key to our success is the quality of our deliverables which, depending on the project, might be transcripts, content analysis, full management reports, data tables or simply sound files.

Some typical respondent types we recruit for studies include:

  • Physicians both primary and secondary care, nurses, midwives, health visitors and practice managers, retail and hospital pharmacists

  • Key Opinion Leaders and Payers : see Pricing and Market Access

  • Patients (non-terminal conditions) and Carers

Approximately 60% of our projects are qualitative in nature and techniques include: Focus Groups, Web Groups, Mini-groups, Triads, Dyads, IDIs, web IDIs, TDIs, Web enabled TDIs, ethnographic interviews, Online Bulletin Boards and online communities.

40% of our projects can be defined as quantitative and the techniques we offer include: Computer Aided Web Interviewing (CAWI), Computer-Assisted Telephones Interviewing (CATI), Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) and even Pen and Paper.

Around 50% of projects are international in scope, typically involving the EU5 markets though we also routinely deliver global projects for clients, typically including countries such as the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Australia, Scandinavia, Turkey etc.

If there is a respondent type, methodology or market not mentioned here that you are interested in please do contact us and we can discuss the feasibility of the project with you and how it might be best delivered.

A high level overview of our services in this area are available for download as a PDF via the following link: International Medical Fieldwork