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Packaging Test With 120 Patients

A large packaging usability test with 120 scalp psoriasis patients. All patients were required to attend a central location on two separate occasions in order to complete the study.

Challenge : Our client was seeking to undertake a product usability project testing the packaging and presentation of 3 placebos with 120 patients who have scalp Psoriasis. The results of this research were to be published and therefore we needed to be absolutely certain that we would achieve a final sample of perfectly completed questionnaires from 100 psoriasis patients.

The study involved 3 stages:

  • Preliminary interview/ instruction visit with two short questionnaires plus a briefing on the topical treatments to be tested plus a briefing on the aims and requirement of the research
  • In Home phase. Patients were asked to apply the formulations once or twice a day and complete a short questionnaire.
  • Follow up interview. Patients reconvened at a central location, returned their completed questionnaires and samples as well as completing a 30 minute interview.

The nature of the project and timings meant it all had to be completed in London.

Process : The logistics of setting up the project were challenging with 30 patients a day being briefed over 4 days.
We recruited through multiple channels; from our internal database, through patient associations, GPs and Nurses as well as social media. To ensure we had appropriate patients the respondents were required to provide ID as well as their medication on arrival at the briefing day. Any who did not were excluded.

Outcome : We recruited a total of 120 patients into the project and had complete data from 113 of them, well in excess of the 100 required and the data delivered was suitable for publication, which was the purpose of the project.

Feedback : This was the first project that we had ever delivered for this client and they were understandably very keen for us to reassure them we could deliver such a large, important and complex project, solely in London, before they commissioned us, as their current suppliers were unable to do so. The project management went very well, the patients all had the correct diagnosis, and the client was very pleased with the outcome of the project.

The same client has recently commissioned us for similar project for the same end client.

To download the case study please click on the link : Usability Test Patients with Scalp Psoriasis