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Senior Physicians treating NSCLC and MCRC

Whilst quantitative samples of National and Regional level payors are not possible in Europe it is possible to deliver a quantitative project with local level influencers.

Challenge : Our client was looking to undertake an international opportunity assessment project that they had been commissioned to deliver to their client’s Pricing and Market Access team. The study was to include 2 oncology indications and targets, NSCLC (lung cancer specialists) and mCRC (colorectal cancer specialists). The timelines were extremely challenging especially as the project was to field during August, the peak summer holiday period in the EU.

Process : The survey was a quantitative follow up study with local level senior clinicians building on a previous qualitative project. The objectives were to understand current prescribing behaviour, assessing physician perception of a new product profile to explore potential prescribing of the new product. The markets involved were EU5 plus the Netherlands. Samples required were n=50 per indication in France, Germany and UK, n= 40 per indication in Spain and Italy and n=20 per indication in the NL. Highly complex programming was required from our team to accommodate the various techniques included in the questionnaires. We provided all scripting, hosting, translation and overlay services for our client. Delivery of results for analysis was in SPSS.

Outcome : The full samples were delivered within 2 weeks for the EU5 markets with all respondents sourced from our respondent database. For the sample in the Netherlands we needed to supplement our database with custom recruiting and this took a little longer, we achieved the full sample with 4 weeks of fieldwork. The client questioned some of the results as it was not what they/their client was expecting and requested that we recontact respondents to validate them. Our team contacted the respondents whose answers were questioned by telephone and were able to confirm the integrity of the data and provide a rational for the answers given.

Feedback : Our client was extremely complimentary of the work delivered by our programming team, their flexibility and ability to deliver to tight deadlines. They were also delighted with our ability to recontact the respondents in order to validate the results as they had been unable to do this with a previous on-line study they had commissioned with a different fieldwork agency.

To download the case study please click on the link :International On-line Pricing and Market Access