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European Haemophilia Treatment Centres

Challenging timelines with a very restricted target audience including payors and prescribers across multiple European markets

Challenge: Our client was looking to conduct primary market research for a new product being developed for Haemophilia. We had previously conducted a small qualitative project for them but now they needed to extend the project substantially.

The project had 2 distinct types of targets : Formulary committee members (purchasing focus) and Haemophilia specialists (prescription focus).

All respondents had to be based in Specialist Haemophilia Treatment Centres. The markets to be included were:

Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia & Sweden.

Our brief was to deliver translation of materials, recruitment of the respondents, moderating one hour discussions with each respondent in native language or English and then the delivery of transcripts in English. Timelines were challenging with everything to be completed in less than 5 weeks.

Process: When we saw the discussion guides we realised there was 90 not 60 minutes of material and included a quantitative data collection section. 90 minutes is too long for a telephone interview and so we proposed to the client a mixed qual / quant approach, firstly a 30 min on-line survey followed by a 60 minute telephone interview. This suggestion was well received and implemented. From previous projects we knew where the specialist centres were for each market so we saved time by not having to identify them. We then commenced an intensive recruitment campaign utilising both our internal databases for the EU5 markets, as we have worked previously with these targets in the EU5, but also utilising recruiters to target markets outside of the EU5. We were able to moderate the majority of interviews internally and tapped into our network of freelance specialist medical moderators for the remainder of the interviews. Outcome: In less than 5 weeks we recruited and interviewed a total of n=68 respondents, all from Specialist Haemophilia Treatment Centres and were able to get representation from all the target markets.

Feedback: Our client did not really think it would be possible for a single supplier to deliver such a difficult qualitative recruit across all these markets in the timelines. They felt that they had taken a bit of a gamble in not briefing multiple agencies but did not have the time to project manage multiple agencies. The fact we were able to deliver surpassed their expectations.

To download the case study please click on the link : European Haemophilia Project