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EU5 Payor Study

We routinely undertake multinational payor studies delivering around 75 such projects per year. This is a typical example of the projects we undertake.

Challenge: Our client was looking to develop the TPP (Target Product Profile) and trial design for a product that was about to move from Phase 2 into Phase 3. They were unfamiliar with the details of the European Payor Landscape and needed advice on the appropriate targets and sample sizes in each of the EU5 markets and fieldwork support in conducting the study. Our client had been told by other fieldwork suppliers that accessing National level payors in Europe wasn’t possible, which is not the case.

Process: We took a detailed brief and provided our client with a proposed qualitative sample size and structure, together with the rationale for why each of the targets should be included. They took this proposal back to their client to demonstrate that by working with Medicys they were able to access the right targets in Europe and to ensure the appropriate budgets were available.

Outcome: Over the course of 4 weeks we recruited and interviewed a range of n=33 payors and Payor Advising KOLs across the EU5 markets.

Feedback: Our client was delighted with the outcome of the project and the support we provided throughout the process. Without the help of Medicys they would not have won the project and we understand that their client was also extremely pleased with the results and recommendations they received.

To download the case study please click on the link : EU5 Payor Case Study