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Case Record Study - 2nd Line Therapy for Ovarian Cancer

We are regularly commissioned to undertake quantitative patient record studies with many of these studies having been granted full regulatory approval.

Challenge: Our client was looking to undertake a retrospective case control study, a type of epidemiological observational study involving chart reviews and completion of on-line patient record forms. Patients were required to be on 2nd line therapy for Ovarian Cancer and we were commissioned to deliver n=200 case histories.

Process: This was an international project carried out with full regulatory approval, though we were commissioned only for the UK arm of the project. We recruited physicians from our database of Oncologists to participate in the study. The project timings were such that we had 5 weeks from commissioning to deliver the n=200 case histories. Each case record took approximately 30 minutes to complete on-line. As this was a regulatory study the questionnaire was complex with many logic checks to ensure good quality data was being collected.

Outcome: We recruited 56 Oncologists into the study and were able to deliver the n=200 case histories in 10 working days. Our client then came back to us to see if we would be able to deliver further UK patient records to “top-up” for under delivery in other markets. We asked to provide a further n=100 records (n=300 in total) which were delivered successfully, well within the clients original timelines.

Feedback: Our client was delighted with both the number and quality of patient records delivered. We have conducted many on-line patient record studies for them and they have confirmed that we are their first choice partner for such studies in the UK, to such an extent that on many occasions, for important projects, they do not seek other competitive quotes.

To download the case study please click on the link : 2nd Line Therapy for Ovarian Cancer