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Patients with Ulcerative Colitis who have undergone Colectomy

An on-line patient project exploring quality of life with difficult to recruit patients.

Challenge : Our clients were seeking to undertake a project with 200 patients who have Ulcerative Colitis and had undergone a colectomy in the last 5 years. The study focussed on patient Quality of Life the results of which were to be published in a peer reviewed journal. There is a very limited population of such patients in the UK. Data suggests that there are around 1,400 such colectomies conducted per year in the UK, so maybe a total of 7,000 patients of whom we needed to recruit 200. The study was a complex on-line survey with links and redirects to external proprietary Quality of Life questionnaires.

Process : The client understood that the 200 would be difficult to reach and wanted our input on the feasibility for delivery within a 12 week timeframe. We fed back we felt the sample was achievable as the client had obtained Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for the study.

Based on our confidence that we would be able to deliver the sample we were awarded the project. Once we had approval, we scripted the survey and simultaneously pursued multiple recruitment strategies which included: recruitment through patient associations and support groups, plus recruitment through HCPs (GPs, specialist nurses and Gastroenterologists).

Outcome : We had a total of 202 patients complete the study over a period of 11 weeks in field.

Feedback : Our clients were extremely pleased we were able to achieve the sample and very complimentary about the information flow, and project management throughout the project. The data collected was extremely valuable and the links to the external measurement tools worked perfectly.

To download the case study please click on the link : Ulcerative Colitis Patient Study