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Major Depressive Disorder and Schizophrenia in EU5

A straightforward EU5 project complicated by short timelines and exclusion lists from earlier arms of the project, fully delivered and on time.

Challenge: On the face of it this was a fairly straightforward study with n=22 respondents per market in each of the EU5 countries.

The challenge was the number of Psychiatrists needed at Central Locations in a very restricted timeline for recruitment as we had just 2.5 weeks to put this together. We also had to contend with an exclusion list of 16 respondents per city who had participated in earlier stages of the project.

In each market we had one viewed Central Location day with a 2 hour group in the evening and n=4-5 x 60 min IDIs during the day. The remainder of the interviews were 60 minutes face to face in-field. The recruitment criteria were an equal split between: Psychiatrists treating at least 20 patients with Major Depressive Disorder per month and Psychiatrists treating at least 20 patients with Schizophrenia per month.

Process: The challenge here was about timings and ensuring we identified new respondents. We managed to recruit all respondents either off our respondent database or via our recruiting team. We managed to recruit the respondents, complete the translations of materials/questionnaires, book the venues and simultaneous translators, schedule the interviews and undertake the moderation all within a 2.5 week timeframe.

Outcome: We recruited a total of 110 physicians into the project and had just 3 cancel/not attend. A less than 3% drop out rate, and one of these actually attended but was just too late to join the group. From commissioning to delivery of final transcripts took less than 20 working days.

Feedback: Our client was delighted we were able to turn the project around so quickly as the reason for the tight timelines were delays in approval at the end client, though delivery dates were fixed.

To download the case study please click on the link : EU5 Central Locations