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On-line Conference Research with Cardiologists

It is often feasible to conduct on-line studies with pre-recruited attendees of major international medical conferences.

Challenge : Our client was commissioned to undertake conference research with Cardiologists attending a major conference in London. The research was to be on-line and the client required a minimum of n=60 respondents to complete both a 20 minute pre and 30 minute post conference on-line survey. Respondents were to be evenly split between the 5EU markets and the US. There was no delegate list available to recruit from.

Process : We decided to recruit n=100 respondents for the pre-conference research to ensure we would deliver at least n=60 completes for the post conference research. We expected there would be some drop outs that would not complete the 2nd wave of research. We recruited senior Cardiologists individually from our respondent databases who were attending the conference and were willing to participate.

Outcome : We achieved the pre-recruitment target of n=100 split evenly across the 6 markets. Post conference we achieved the full 60 completes required and could have had up to another 9 from respondents who attempted to log in when the post conference survey was already closed, a 69% fulfillment rate overall. The survey ran seamlessly and the alerts were successful in encouraging participation in the post-conference survey.

Feedback : Our client was quite concerned that we would not be able to deliver the sample required and so was extremely pleased with the samples achieved and how smooth the whole process was.

To download the case study please click on the link : Online Conference Research