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4 hour Focus Group of Conference Attendees

This was a challenging project as we needed to pre-recruit respondents to attend an extended group during an evening when there were other conference related activities competing for their time.

Challenge : Our client was looking to undertake a 4 hour focus group with attendees at an Oncology conference in Barcelona whilst the conference was still in progress. The client asked us to recruit the respondents, arrange an off-site venue and arrange transport for the respondents. The respondents needed to be from a mix of EU5 markets and needed to be comfortable with participating in a focus group in English moderated by our client. There was no delegate list available to recruit from.

Process : We decided the best approach was to pre-recruit respondents from our respondent databases, though our client had proposed that we recruited on-site. We approached senior physicians individually to see if they were attending and if they would be willing to participate in the group.

Outcome : We achieved our pre-conference recruitment target of n=8 respondents with n=2 from each of Italy, Spain and UK and n=1 from each of France and Germany. The logistics worked well and all 8 respondents attended the focus group.

Feedback : Our client was extremely pleased we delivered the full sample needed and was somewhat surprised that we were able to complete recruitment before the conference commenced. They were also extremely complimentary about how smoothly the process ran and the efficiency of the logistics.

To download the case study please click on the link : At conference focus group