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Conference Research

A smaller but fast growing part of our business is conference research. End clients need to know what impressions have been left with delegates from the conference content and to evaluate the impact of both their, and their competitors, marketing efforts at the conference.

There are several different models for conducting conference research dependent on both the projects objectives and the “rules” of the conference organiser. For example research might be conducted on the floor of the conference venue, offsite during the conference or either by telephone or on-line following the conference.

There are a number of considerations to take into account when planning the research:

  • Is a delegate list available in advance of the conference?
  • Are you able to pre-recruit respondents?
  • Are you allowed to conduct research at the venue, if so do you need to book a booth?
  • If interviewing is to take place off-site care needs to be taken with the venue to minimise traveling time.
  • The interview schedule must take into account the conference schedule.
  • Are there sufficient delegates attending to make it feasible to recruit the required sample?

Conference research can be tricky and we always welcome the opportunity to discuss with clients what needs to be delivered and to work with you to help identify practical options.

A high level overview of our services in this area are available for download as a PDF via the following link: Conference Research